Fairiana: The end of the wold

by Miravlix

The forest was covered in a lively green clor, with an occasional clearing filled with beautifull flowers in a rainbow of colors. The sky was clear blue. From somewhere near you could hear the runing river. Everything was peacefull and drowsy in the morning sun.

Too peaceful, where was everyone?

Moving through the forest, you would have seen more of this beauytifull place, but no fairies and neither any of the animals that normally inhabited the place, because this was the last day of the istory of Fairiana.

If you had explored a bit further you wauld have seen the old and mostly gray Fairy Dragon sitting on top of a hill over lookin the forest and clarings. His eyes covered witha dreamy expression, not seeking this world, but seeing the past.

Dreaming of the green forest with life. You can almost hear the bird song, the other animals scuttling about and the laughter and joy from the fairies.

But you are not here, no one is, only the old dragon dreaming about the past. With a sigh he raises his majestic head and takes to the air, slowly circling, until he suddenly disappears from view.

The End

Dragon Eye

     Dragons are crafty wicked and wise,
     You can tell just by looking into there eyes,
     If you see a burning red flame,
     It can only mean there betroth in giveing pain,
     If there eyes sparkle and glimer of the lightest of blue,
     You best be carefull what you do,
     If your words are truthfull and faithfull at heart,
     You have no need to worry they won't tear you apart,
     But if your words are unlawfull and hate is in your eyes,
     They will only bring you to your demise.

By Amber Vinz

I would like to thank Amber Vinz for this poem. If you want to read more stories by her go to her sight Ambers Dragon Lair

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Here is a poem by a friend of mine. RAISTLINIA

 In his cave, dark and dreary
 A dragon watches, made world weary
 Plagued by knights, those foolish youngsters-
 And peasant boys, from their dumpsters-
 All who had a common quest
 To prove themselves the best of best

 Miles the fools and their friends came
 All for what- to see him slain?
 A mortal can't a dragon kill
 They are no match for ages of skill
 Even the kingdom's bravest knight in shining armor
 Lost his fight and is now a common farmer


 The kingdom's last knight came to fight
 Carrying but torch and sword, 
 He stopped at the entrance awed, 
 To see the lair by human light

 The wealth of shamed warriors decorated the lair
 Filled with evilly grinning coins, two cruel diamonds in a pair
 The knight's gaze then fell to the lair center
 And there the tired dragon stood, and coldly bid him enter

 "If you insist on fighting you will have your duel
 And you will die and be counted thrice the fool
 Or if you leave your wealth behind you may leave from here
 And I in turn will see your land's people need not fear
 If left alone I will not plague this land anymore
 But seek food from the wood's behind, populated by naught but poor"

 The dragon's eyes were crescent moons
 His claws as mighty weapons
 His scales were rubies, stones of death
 His glare like piercing blades
 The foolish knight had his battle
 And joined his brethren in a grave.


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